Music from Egmore Wesley Church has always been special, because of the Methodist hymn book and the pipe organ which have been enjoyed over decades.

The choir adds sacred music to the service, from a wide range of compositions. Choristers of the Egmore Wesley Family are especially blessed to have been guided by the late Rev. John Millns, pastor of the church during the 1950s. Described by many, as the golden age of the church, that period witnessed growth of music to a higher level, from which arose many legendary musicians, such as Damayanthi Santwan, Jabez Janagaraj, Olga Frohlich, Ebenezer Edwin, etc. who went on to become efficient choir-conductors and organists.

Even today, many of the songs rendered by the choir are appreciated by people all over the globe. Keen adherence to the basics, brings out the expressions packed in the song, along with the tune!