Our Pastor & Family

Rev. V.S. Vijayakumar

(Coming Soon…)


Our Caretakers

Egmore Wesley Church has heavily leaned on its staff and caretakers, for its smooth running.

These unsung heroes, disciplined by the church committee, manage a tight schedule, as a team. They report early for work every day, some of them commuting long distances, and perform crucial tasks (which we take for granted!)

These include keeping the church tidy; handling of articles in the church such as Bibles, Hymn Books, Bulletins, Communion items, Hymn-boards, chairs, footstools; maintenance of all equipment in the church building, office, Parish halls and toilets; gardening; managing electrical needs of the church; purchase and transport of all essential items needed by the church and the various fellowships that meet during the week including BSF International and Parivalaya.

The friendly Office Staff look after Church Accounts, typing work, membership data, Activity scheduling and inter communication between the various wings.

All of these Herculean tasks are performed with the inspiration that “we are doing something for God!